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434. Abid Hasan Safrani

A young enthusiastic and courageous man from Hyderabad also joined this force. His name was Zain-al-Abdin Hasan. He preferred to be called Abid Hasan and later became known as Abid Hasan Safrani.
Abid Hasan's mother Hajia Begum was anti-British, so her children were sent to Germany for higher studies. And Abid went to do a degree in engineering.

Meeting with Bose

Netaji addressed a meeting of Indian prisoners of war in Germany and asked them to join the INA. Abid met him and was inspired by the charismatic leader. He told Bose that he would join him after finishing his studies. Netaji said tauntingly that if he was caught in such small considerations, he would not be able to achieve anything big in life. Stung by that remark, Abid decided to give up his studies. He became Netaji's secretary and interpreter.

Abid Hasan was made a major in the INA. Netaji wanted an Indian form of addressing each other. Abid first suggested "Hello" and was snubbed for that. He later suggested "Jai Hind", which Netaji liked and adopted it as the formal manner of greeting for revolutionaries and members of INA.Later Nehru used it in his Independence Day address from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

The Indian National Army

INA provided a common kitchen for its soldiers irrespective of their religious affiliations. But there were many differences of opinion within its ranks. One of the controversial issues was the design of the national flag. TheHindus wanted a saffron flag, while the Muslims insisted on green. Later the Hindus gave up their insistence. Abid Hasan was impressed by this gesture that he decided to append "saffron" to his name. Since then, he became to be known as Safrani.
After the famous trial of the INA, all the members of the INA were released. In 1946, Safrani came to Hyderabad and joined the Congress Party. The party was riven with factionalism. Disgusted, he gave up politics and joined the Bengal Lamp Company. He was posted at Karachi. On the partition of India, he came back to Hyderabad.

It was Captain Mohan Singh, an Indian officer of the British Indian Army, who first set up the Azad Hind Fouj (Indian National Army) on the defeat of the British by Japan on February 15, 1942.

Diplomatic career

In 1948, he was taken into the newly created Indian Foreign Service. On retirement in 1969, he returned to Hyderabad. Safrani passed away in 1984 at the age of 73.

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433. Dr.P.A. Ibrahim Haji

Dr. P.A. Ibrahim is a philanthropist and a renowned Indian businessman. He presently heads business ventures and educational institutions in India and abroad.
Dr.P.A. Ibrahim Haji hails from Pallikere, a town in the Kasargod District of Kerala, India. Born to Abdulla, a textile merchant and Aysha, he did his schooling in the Government Fisheries High School, Bekal. His higher studies, P.U.C., was in the Government College, Vidyanagar, Kasargod. He started his college education with B.Sc. in the Government College, Mangalore and completed it with a Diploma in Automobile Engineering & Business Management from Madras (Chennai). He career took off in Dubai in 1967 as a salesman in the spare-parts division of Austin (British Motors Corporation). Later, he joined Galadari Automobiles (Mazda Distributors) as spare-parts manager in 1972. He continued his stint in Muscat with Al Hashar Automobiles (Nissan Distributors) as Manager, Spare Parts Division. By 1974 he had saved enough to start a small business of garments and cosmetics in Dubai. In 1976 he started a joint-venture namely Century Trading Co. LLC, which is a part of Al Shamali Group of Companies (UAE). He continues as the Managing Director of the Group till date.

He presently owns and manages many ventures. Some of the outstanding among them are:


P.A. College of Engineering, Mangalore.
(Accredited to the National Board of Accreditation,
the only college accredited among 18 engineering
colleges in South Canara)
ISO 9001-2008 Certified.

P.A. Educational Trust (PACE Education)
Kairangala, Nadupadavu, Mangalore.
A Trust founded in 1999
3 Institutions
Students - 3500

Post Graduate Department of Business Administration (MBA)
PA Polytechnic (Diploma)

Gulf Asian English School, Sharjah, UAE (Students - 3500)
India International School, Mangaf, Kuwait (Students - 2500)
India International School, Sharjah, UAE (Students - 2000)

Pallikere English Medium School, Kasaragod, Kerala.
(Students - 2100)

RIMS Foundation (Registered)
RIMS International School, Kannur, Kerala.

Horizon International School, Calicut, Kerala.


Al Shamali Group, Dubai
(Wholesale suppliers of textiles in all AGCC countries)

Malabar Gold & Diamonds
India & Middle East
(India’s No.1 Jeweler & Diamond brand - MINE
6000 direct employees, 72 branches)

Indus Motor Co. Ltd., Kerala & Chennai.
India’s No.1 Maruti selling agency for the past 5 years
(About 40,000 vehicles a year), 4,000 direct employees.

Al Barakah Financial Services Limited, Kerala
(in association with KSIDC, Government of Kerala)

Century International Travel & Tours LLC, Dubai

Capital of Culture Constructions (CCC)
Dubai & Sharjah

WinPipe, Manjeri, Kerala
(Manufacturer, PVC pipes)

Green Field Industries, Kochi, Kerala
(Manufacturer, Footwear)

He is a highly acclaimed visionary, a philanthropist, a renowned entrepreneur and an industrialist both in India and abroad. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the American Global University, Miami, Florida for his contribution to education and noble services to humanity.
In 2000, he attended a conference in Hyderabad jointly organized by the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Government of Andhra Pradesh as a delegate of India Business Council, Dubai.


Aligarh Muslim University

Chandrika Publications
(a Kerala media house)

Malabar Charitable Trust
(This Trust is part of the Malabar Group and has
provided free medicines to more than 2,00,000 patients.
Help has also been extended for building 6,000 houses.)

World Malayalee Council
(A body of Malayalees living in all major countries.
Registered in the USA in 1995.
This organization is involved in educational and charitable
activities wherever situated.

C.H.M. Koya National Journalism Award Trust
(An annual National award given to prominent journalists.
The recipients include:
Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai - Editor in chief, CNN-IBN
Barkha Dutt, Group Editor, NDTV
Mr. Praful Bidwai & Mr.A.G. Noorani, columnists.

Textile Merchants Association (TEXMAS), Dubai
(A group of about 500 wholesale Textile Merchants,
the largest such body in the Middle East.)

Trustee and Member of the Executive Committee of
SAFI (Social Advancement Foundation of India)
(An educational campus of 200 acres in Calicut, Kerala)

Dubai Textile City, Dubai
(TEXMAS has built a Textile city for all its association
members in about 5 million sqft. of land offered by
His Highness, The Ruler of Dubai.)

Indian Business & Professional Council
(IBPC), Dubai.

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432. Razia Sultan

First United Nations Malala Award Winner

Razia (age 15) is a resident of Nanglakhumba village in Meerut District. She used to stitch footballs in her village like several other girls, when she was four.

After being rescued by a non-governmental organisation, she joined a school and eventually became a youth leader in her native place. In her new role, she encouraged other children in her village to join schools.

Interacting with media, Razia said she has transformed the lives of 48 children trapped in child labour.

"Being a leader of the children in my village, I tried to solve the problems of the schools and the children. I admitted 48 students, who were earlier working as labourers, to schools," said Razia Sultan.

Though ignorant about the importance of the award, Razia's father, Ferman, was overwhelmed with the honour bestowed on his daughter.

"We didn't even know that this award (Malala award by UN) is of great importance. Now, we are feeling very proud of her. I cannot express my happiness in words," said Ferman, father of Razia Sultan.

More than 12 million children in India below the age of 14 are working as domestic servants or other jobs such as in stone quarries, embroidery units, mining, carpet-weaving, tea stalls, restaurants and hotels, according to government data.

Razia's struggle against child labour and illiteracy was not just confined to her own place.

She went to different regions as a youth leader of a NGO and carried out door-to-door campaigns on child education.

Commenting on this occasion, the district co-ordinator of the NGO, Sher Khan, recalled how she fought against illiteracy with great zeal.

"Razia went to Nepal and various other places as well. She conducted a door to door campaign to spread awareness about education among children and their parents and encouraged them to get admitted to schools," said Sher Khan.

Meanwhile, students of a school in Ajmer, Rajasthan observed Malala Day and hailed Razia Sultan's recognition.

They celebrated Malala's birth anniversary by cutting a birthday cake.

Rajesh Talwar, a student said that Malala was a source of inspiration for all.

"We celebrated Malala birthday today. We observed the birthday of Malala Yosufzai by cutting cake. We will remember her forever. We feel inspired by her life," said Talwar.

In the days following her being shot at, Malala Yousufzai became an international icon and world leaders pledged to support her campaign for girls'' education.

On her part, Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 16th birthday on Friday at the United Nations by making an appeal for compulsory free schooling for all children.