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310. Nawab Shafath Ali Khan

A man eating tiger was shot by Nawab Shafath Ali Khan using a .458 mag on 24th Feb, 09 in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. The tiger had terrorised the area for 4 months after killing 5 people and injuring several others. The tiger had strayed of Pilibhit jungles in November 2008 and travelled over 400 km to reach the jungles of Faizabad two months ago. On the way, it killed two men in Pilibhit, one in Barabanki, and two in Faizabad.

It was declared a maneater after it killed a boy in Barabanki in December 2008, but the order was revoked after protests from wildlife organisations and environmentalists. It was again declared a maneater after it killed a man in Faizabad on January 9, 2009. The last man it killed was a forest guide, Raghu Raj, on January 15. On two occasions, the forest officials claimed to have shot the big cat — on February 7 and 17 — but on both occasions their claim was proved wrong. On Tuesday, 24th Fe.2009, however, its luck ran out.
The maneater tiger prowling in the jungles of Faizabad for over two months was killed on 24th Fe.2009. It was shot dead by Nawab Shafat Ali Khan of Hyderabad, an expert shooter called for the purpose.
Khan fired three bullets from his 458 calibre Winchester Magnum rifle, hitting the tiger in the shoulder and the head and killing it on the spot. Faizabad District Forest Officer OP Singh said: “Nawab Shafat Ali Khan, authorised by the Union government to kill the maneater, shot dead the animal in Bakchula forest outpost area.”

Early on that day morning, the tiger attacked and killed a cow in Bakchula village, on the periphery of the Kumarganj forest range. Khan said: “Since the cow was half-eaten, I was sure that the tiger would come again to eat its prey. I waited the whole day on a scaffolding on a nearby tree.” The animal returned to the spot around 6 pm.

“After spotting the tiger, I fired and hit his right shoulder. After getting hit, the tiger charged towards me but I fired two more bullets, the second when he was just three feet away from me, and it hit the tiger in the head,” he added.
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