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MAULANA MUHAMMAD FAROOQ KHAN, an eminent Islamic scholar, poet and writer, was born in 1932 in Karpi village of Sultanpur, UP. He did his Post-Graduation in Hindi literature. He started his career with teaching at Azamgarh. Afterwards he switched over to writing, as he had a knack for it. His first work was translation of the Holy Qur'an into the Hindi language. His compilation of Ahadith (Traditions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) with commentary named Kalaam-e-Nabuwwat in four volumes has been widely acclaimed.

Besides this a number of books on various subjects like Dawah, guidance, personality development and comparative study of religions are to his credit. He writes both in the Hindi and Urdu languages. He has also translated many books from Arabic and Urdu into Hindi. His anthologies of poems Harf-o-Sada and Chitij ke Par have been published in Urdu and Hindi respectively.

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