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363. M. M. Akbar

Born 1968
Parappanangadi, Malappuram, Kerala, India.

Occupation Islamic Preacher, Author.
Director of Niche of Truth.
Editor of Sneha Samvadam Magazine.

Meleveettil Muhammad Akbar  is an Islamic Scholar, a Religious Orator and an expert in Comparative Religion. He is the founder Director of Niche of Truth, an Islamic Missionary Organization based in Kerala and the Editor of Sneha Samvadam Magazine published from Kochi, Kerala, India.
A graduate in Physics, Akbar is especially distinguished for his scientific and logical approach in analysing and presenting religion. He has authored 38 books of which 20 are in comparative religion.

Major Works


1. Manushya Shareeram Oru Athbudha Shristi
2. Biblinte Daiveekatha
3. Haindavatha Dharmavum Darshanavum
4. Qur'aninte Moulikatha - Part 1
5. Qur'aninte Moulikatha - Part II
6. Islam Sathyamargham
7. Muthalalitham Matham Marxism
8. Sthree Mathangalilum Darshanangalilum
9. Samaadhaanathinte Doothan
10. Mokshathinte Margam
11. Enthanu Islam
12. Quranum Ithara Vedangalum
13. Shastram, Matham, Manushyan
14. Allahuvine Ariyuka
15. Sampathika Prathisanthi; Prashnam Apagradhanam Pariharam
16. Muhammed Nabi(S) - ye Ariyuka; Nabi Nindhakareyum
17. Yeshu Mahanaya Pravaajakan 18. Christhava Daiva Sangalpam Midhyayum Yadharthyavum />


1. Women in Religions and Ideologies
2. The Way to Salvation
3. The Messenger of Peace
4. What is Islam?
5. Islam For Human Liberation
6. Concept of God in Islam
7. The Authenticity of the Quran.

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