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201. Moulana Hameeduddin Aqil Husami’s

Moulana Hameeduddin Aqil Husami’s is a well known Islamic scholar, charismatic community leader and an Orator par excellence. A man of versatile abilities, he has many other added distinctions as a poet, a social reformer, a Sheikh-e-Tariqat, a politician, and as initiator founder and organizer of multiple reputed institutions. He has been the major inspiring force behind many educational, religious, academic and political initiatives of Muslim Ummah in Andhra Pradesh.

Inheriting rich scholarly and spiritual traditions from his family of reputed sheikhs, Maulana  had the opportunity to learn and practice  Tariqath under the aegis of his father Allama Husamuddin (RH). Maulana’s most prominent contribution is the reform that he has successfully brought in the lives of a huge number of people across the rural and Andhra Pradesh.


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Moulana is a binding force for different sects and groups of Muslim Ummah. Under his unifying leadership Muslims of Andhra Pradesh have launched several successful social, political, educational and religious campaigns and founded multiple umbrella bodies and united forums.
        His scholarly depth, charming persona, and distinctive wittiness has made him popular both among the elites and masses.

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