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114. Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri

Syed Jalaluddin Umri (Urdu: السيّد جلال الدین عمری Arabic: سيّد جلال الدین العمری(Born in 1935) is an eminent Islamic intellectual, author, educationalist, and reform leader in India. He has to his credit more than thirty books and a wealth of research articles on a number of contemporary subjects with Islamic perspective. Among the Islamic circles, he is considered an authority on human rights in general, and women and Islamic family system in particular.

Association with Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

Umri began his association with Jamaat-e-Islami Hind during his student years. After completing his studies, he dedicated himself to its Research department. He served as the city Ameer of Jama'at of Aligarh for a decade, and the editor of its monthly organ Zindagi-e-Nau (زندگىء نو) for five years. Later, the Jama'at elected him to its All-India deputy Ameer, which he served for four consecutive terms (Sixteen years). In 2007, the Jama'at's Central Council of Representatives elected him its Ameer (Chief). He was again re-elected as Jama'at's Ameer in 2011.

 Socio-Political Activism

Umri has been associated actively with many social, religious and political organisations in India in pursuit of the policies of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.
  1. President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, a movement active for the establishment of Peace in the country. He was its Vice-President since 1991 and became President in 2007.
  2. Chief Patron of Students Islamic Organisation of India, the largest student organisation of South Asia
  3. Founding member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, a federation of Muslim organisations in India.
  4. Chairman, Idara-e-Tahqeeq wa Tasneef-e-Islami Aligarh, an Islamic Research Institute, and Editor of its journal Tahqeeqat-e-Islami.
  5. Chancellor, Jamaiat-ul-Falah, an Islamic University based in northern India
  6. Managing Director, Sirajul-Uloom Girls College, Aligarh. It is a well-known Islamic institution for girls
  7. Chancellor, Jamiatus Suffa, Warangal
  8. Chief Patron, Quran House, Hyderabad.

 Academic Activities and Selected works

Umri is a prolific writer in Urdu language and has produced over 32 books. Some of his books have been translated in Arabic, English, Turkish, Hindi, Telugu, Bangla, Tamil and Kannada languages.
His famous works include Marrof wa Munkar, Islam ki Dawat, Musalman Aurat ke Huquq aur Un par eterazat ka Jaiza, Saht-o-marz aur Islam ki Taleemat, Islam mein khidmat-e-khalq ka Tasawwur.
His following works are translated in English.
  • Islamic Solution to Human Issues
  • Ma'roof-o-Munkar
  • Inviting to Islam
  • Woman and Islam
  • Muslim Woman: Role and Responsibilities
  • The Rights of Muslim Woman - An Appraisal
  • The Concept of Social Service in Islam
  • Islam and Unity of Mankind
  • Islam: The Religion of Dawah
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