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175. Akbar Ali Khan

Governor of UP

Term of Office  14-11-1972  to 24-10-1974

Sri Akbar Ali Khan is a section of an old Jagirdar family.  His father Mir Mahboob Ali Khan had  a personality of  his own.  Born on 20th November, 1899, he had his education in Mufidul-Anam School, which w as founded by Raja Bansilal and members of his own family.  Having matriculated from the City High School, he entered the Aligarh University where in 1929 he joined the non-co-operation movement at the behest of Mahatma Gandhi and the Ali Brothers.  Dr. Zakir Hussain was the leader of Nationalist Students of Aligarh.  A delegation from Hyderabad consisting of Sri Akbar Hyderi, Sir Ross Masood, Latif Yar Jung and Habibur Rahman Sherwani was sent to Aligarh to dissuade the Hyderabad students from joining the Non-Co-operation Movement.  About eight or ten students struck tom their resolve to boycott the University and Sri Akbar Ali Khan was one of them.

In 1923 he joined the Osmania University and after taking his B.A. degree proceeded to London for higher studies where he took his LL.B (Honors) from   the London University.

He was associated with the Osmania Graduates Association, the Exhibition Society and the Economic Committee. For 17 long years he was President of the Society of Union and Progress. In 1929 he prepared a scheme for the settlement of Hindu Muslim differences under the guidance of Sri S. Srinivas Iyangar a former President of Indian National Congress. 

When the Indian National Congress held its first session in Hyderabad in 1948, Sri Akbar Ali Khan was elected as Vice-President. In 1952 he was elected a member of the Senate of the Osmania University,   member of the Senates of Aligarh University, Jamia Millia and Jawaharlal Nehru University. In 1957 he founded a Polytechnic in Hyderabad. 

Sri Akbar All Khan was a member of the U.N.O. delegation under the leadership of Sri Krishna, Menon. He went to China on a goodwill mission under Sri Anantasayanam Iyangar. Later he visited Moscow, Finland and several countries in Asia and Africa. For 18 years he was a member of the Rajya Sabha and for 12 years he was the Hon. Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. He was also elected as deputy leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party.  His main contribution has been the strengthening of Hindu-Muslim Unity.

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