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180. Harun Rashid Khan

 Harun Rashid Khan

Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India

Mr Harun Rashid Khan took over as Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India . As Deputy Governor he has been appointed for a period of three years. He will look after Central Security Cell, Department of External Investments and Operations, Department of Government and Bank Accounts, Department of Payment and Settlement Systems, Foreign Exchange Department, Internal Debt Management Department and Inspection Department.

Prior to being appointed as Deputy Governor Mr Khan was Executive Director of Reserve Bank of India since October 2007 and looked after the Department of External Investments and Operations, Foreign Exchange Department, Internal Debt Management Department and Department of Government and Bank Accounts. He was earlier Regional Director of the Bank’s New Delhi Office and prior to that he was Principal of the College of Agricultural Banking in Pune.
Khan’s central banking career spanned over 32 years during which he has discharged diverse responsibilities in RBI in areas of rural credit, currency management, banking supervision & regulation, debt management, reserve management, exchange control, personnel administration and internal accounts of the Bank. Khan has been associated with number of internal and external committees, such as, Committee on Technology Exports, Committee on Ways and Means Advances to the State Governments (as Member Secretary), Working Group on Instruments of Sterilisation (as Convener), International Task Force on Central Counterparties (CCPs), Working Group on Model Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Bill for States (as Convener).
He was closely involved with the Internal Group of RBI on Rural Credit and Microfinance (popularly known as the Khan Committee) as the chairman. Based on the recommendations of the Khan Committee, the Reserve Bank issued guidelines to expand the banking outreach through Business Facilitators and Business Correspondents with ICT support for spearheading financial inclusion in the country.
As Executive Director, Khan represented the Reserve Bank on the Working Group on the G-20 on “Reinforcing International Cooperation & Market Integrity” and the Committee on Global Financial Systems (CGFS) of the Bank for International Settlement (BIS).
Khan was also the Nominee Director of RBI on the boards of Dena Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, Punjab and Sind Bank, Bank of Rajasthan and the Orissa State Finance Corporation (OSFC).
Khan joined Reserve Bank in 1978 after his Masters in Political Science from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar and Masters in Philosophy from the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Khan is a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (CAIIB) and holds Diploma in Business Management (DBM). He is married to Rosy and has a daughter, Sara.

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